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manual physiotherapy manchester

Sometimes we find that muscles are so tight that massage simply will not achieve the objective of pain relief. A patient will require kneading and manipulation beyond the strokes of a sports massage. Manual therapy is a term used to describe any treatment that involves hands on therapy. This can range from repetitive motion used to ease painful joints and soft tissue injuries using a specific grade of pressure or speed of movement.

No Machines

No machines or devices are used by our physiotherapists who apply manual therapy techniques that are intended to get the muscles or joints functioning with less or no pain.

So if you have tight shoulders from sitting at your computer all day or you are experiencing muscle spasm that is stopping you from your daily routine, give us a call on 07967 012 056 for Manual Therapy Manchester.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the best way for us to treat you and we certainly don’t charge for a chat so please get in touch. You can text, call or email us. In emergency cases, it helps if you start your text  or email with the word URGENT.
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