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Following a high energy road traffic accident in 2004 I have had back and neck pain on and off ever since sometimes precipitated by further injury sometimes aggravated by pregnancy.  Previously I have had physiotherapy elsewhere but after receiving good feedback from my clients about the services of Moshe I decided to use his services to see if he could improve the symptoms I was experiencing. Moshe provided me with physiotherapy at home which made me feel more at ease and was extremely convenient for me. His initial assessment was very thorough and he discussed a plan of treatment with me. I had massage treatment initially and then I was advised acupuncture would be beneficial, I was wary but Moshe explained the process and made me feel more relaxed about that. He also explained that I would continue to suffer with symptoms on and off because my core was poor, he suggested I consider undertaking pilates to strengthen my core and this may assist not only in my recovery but long term with any further problems. I took this advice and this combined with Moshe’s treatment meant I only required 5 treatment sessions and after that my back felt better than it had in years.  Other providers had never discussed pilates with me or managed to resolve my problems over such a short number of sessions it had always take at least 3 times that number. I have no problems recommending Moshe to my friends, family or clients.


Mobile Physio Testimonial
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