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emergency appointment physio

We understand that if you’re in pain on a Friday evening you don’t want to wait until Monday morning for physiotherapy pain relief and need an emergency appointment physio.

If you’re playing rugby on a Saturday and strain a muscle, you need our help as soon as possible so you can play in next Saturday’s game.

M. C. Physio is one of the only Manchester physiotherapy service companies that offers complete flexibility to its clients with 24/7 service options. We offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatment options and can provide these to our patients around the clock where necessary.

Immediate Response

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness so that if you send us an email, text or call, you will either get straight through to a member of the MC Physio team or we’ll get back to you within a matter of hours (and usually within minutes.)

At M. C. Physio we can often provide same day appointments, especially for emergency appointment cases.

Premium Rates

In order to provide round the clock care, we do charge a premium rate for any treatments after 7pm Monday to Friday and for weekend and bank holiday sessions. However, we understand that our patients often lead busy lives and make it our business to be as flexible as we can to get you in peak condition.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the best way for us to treat you and we certainly don’t charge for a chat so please get in touch. You can text, call or email us. In emergency cases, it helps if you start your text  or email with the word URGENT.
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