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Moshe treated my 12 year old son after he dislocated his elbow playing rugby. Ted was not only in a lot of pain but had also been left slightly traumatised by his injury. Whilst we knew physio was essential for a full recovery, we were anxious that it could cause Ted further pain and distress. We needn’t have worried! Moshe was absolutely fantastic from the outset. He took time to explain everything to Ted, even sharing his medical books to help him understand the extent of his injury. Together they talked through his recovery programme and what exercises he would need to do. Moshe was also brilliant at showing me what I needed to do at home in between appointments. He made it all very easy and manageable. As a parent, I couldn’t have put my son into  safer hands. Moshe was always kind, patient, understanding and most importantly, encouraging. Ted is now fully recovered and back on the rugby pitch… thank you Moshe!
Anna Layfield, Hale

Moshe is very calming and he made me feel secure when my elbow was hurting. He made me believe that I would get better and I always felt more positive after seeing him. Moshe gave me the confidence to get back into sport, he even text me to wish me luck before my first cross country race after my injury. Thank you Moshe, you are awesome!
Ted Layfield, 12 years old.


Manchester Physiotherapy Testimonial
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