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sports massage in manchester

You do not have to be a supreme athlete to benefit from a good sports massage Manchester physio. If you ever visit the gym or play sport you will be familiar with that aching muscle feeling after a good workout. DOMS  is the medical term for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which normally presents the morning after a gym session. It is caused by micro-tears and lactic acid that is a bi-product of muscle work. If you are experiencing that aching feeling, a sports massage from a member of our expert physiotherapists is an excellent way to ease your pain of muscular.

The main benefits of a sports massage are:

  • Increased energy
  • Speed up recovery of fatigued muscles
  • Prevent DOMS
  • Relaxation; and
  • Reduced stress/anxiety

Sporting Events

bradley-wigginsIf you are training for a particular sporting event, we strongly recommend that you incorporate sports massage sessions into your training regime and can offer discounted rates for block sessions. Be ahead of your competition and look after your body before and after training. Don’t just listen to us though, the champion cyclist, Bradley Wiggins explained in this fantastic BBC Radio interview:

I love the mundane part of the sport. I love the romance of doing the training, which is the bit that no-one sees. That might be a 5am gym session or an 8am session in the velodrome before anyone else comes in.

I’ve liked the feeling of being slightly ahead of the game and that goes back to being a kid. When I was 17, I rode from London to Rye on the south coast on Christmas Day where the family were staying at Pontins.

They drove and I rode the 86 miles. Nan was cooking Christmas dinner. I remember thinking the World Junior Championships were the following August and none of my competitors would be doing this on Christmas day. I loved the idea of it. That’s my motivation.”

So if, like Bradley, you want to stand out from your competitors, give M.C. Physio a call!

Bespoke Engagements

You may want to take things one step further and engage us to join you as your personal physiotherapist on a sporting trip. Our team are happy to discuss bespoke engagements particularly to sunnier climates!

Extreme sporting events we cover:

Marathon des Sables

Kona Iron Man

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the best way for us to treat you and we certainly don’t charge for a chat so please get in touch. You can text, call or email us. In emergency cases, it helps if you start your text  or email with the word URGENT.
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